MIME application/pdf

MIME is a standard protocol recommended by IANA to ensure smooth delivery of email across operating systems and platforms. The standard also supports and clearly defines the encoding of most of the popular types of file attachments which may go along with emails. The extension associated with this MIME definition is file extension PDF which is used by Adobe Acrobat.

Application Type – PDF

Mime application/pdf refers to Adobe Portable Document Format which is a file format through which 2 dimensional documents with text and graphics are encoded. The benefit of a PDF document is that the content contained in it can be easily read without the need of the authoring application, such as Microsoft Word that created it.

The only prerequisite for opening a PDF file is a freely available tool by Adobe – Acrobat Reader. This application is available for all desktop operating systems as a free download. Apart from the platform independent nature, a PDF file can also be protected, since it is primarily a read-only format. Besides this, the PDF document can also be encrypted and password protected.

The specifications of file type application/pdf are defined under reference RFC 3778 of the IANA standards.

Additional Parameters for MIME application/pdf

There are no additional parameters defined by IANA for this mime extension. One of the main recommendation though is that it is required to ensure that even non-binary data within a PDF file should be encoded in binary format for it to fulfill the requirements of email transmission.

Inclusion of PDF in MIME standards is a major step toward easing email communication, since a great deal of business communication depends on the PDF format.

Opening mime application/pdf

The application type can be easily opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader application. The application integrates with browsers to open PDF files from within browser windows.

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